Testbed Design

With our wide-ranging experience in testbed design and development, COLSA has the capability to provide rapid establishment of testbeds Our experience includes design and development of hardware/software in-the-loop, advanced concept and algorithm testing, and testing/training testbeds for multiple DoD agencies.

We provide dedicated and/or shared resources, network/connectivity, and security (classified or unclassified).

Testbed Development:

  • COLSA has experienced scientists and engineers as well as certified technicians constantly researching and evaluating tools, threats, and defenses in the cyber domain
  • We have experience personnel conducting development, test, and analysis of Cyber security models and strategies within the virtual and constructive domains to include large scale virtual networks of systems for cyber attack and defend exercises
  • COLSA scientists have conducted research into threat proliferation utilizing unique analysis capabilities such as Genetic Programming
  • COLSA maintains a research capability and operates several labs that are engaged in cyber research and development for DoD customers

Operational Teams:

  • COLSA has experience supporting a national Cyber Red Team, developing intelligence, acting as aggressors and providing documentation and final reports.
  • Experienced in developing target network environments for cyber exercises.
  • Experience in Information Operations Range events planning and execution.

Testbed Operations customers: