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Big Data

Collection of large datasets stored with horizontal scaling database technologies. Development of custom search solutions providing full text searching across big data.

Artificial Intelligence

We have a team of professionals developing different types of artificial intelligent algorithms, such as neural networks and machine learning, to develop applications to provide our customers with solutions that were not possible before to them.

Computational Linguistics

Leveraging the power of language and the help of our team of linguistics and language experts, we use computational linguistics to help find, cluster, and make sense of data from our customers to help them find answers to their complex problems.

Cloud Computing

Leverage the power of AWS for quick deployment and the flexibility to scale highly available production environments at very competitive prices.

Social Media Analytics

Provide tools and reporting to support various types of social media analytics including social network analysis, indication of influence, sentiment analysis, and more.

Mobile Development

Cross platform, multi-lingual app development in a distributed computing environment delivering content to the right platform, in the right language, quickly.

Data Mining

Whether it is social media data, web APIs, or scraping data from a website our team can provide the ability to collect and store data on a large scale.


Through our custom in house process, FAST, we are able to provide our customers with standard compliant process and documentation without significant impact to product development time.

Software Engineering customers: