Ivan Garcia

VP/Chief Technical Officer

Ivan Garcia has been employed by COLSA Corporation for over twenty-five years and has a Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University. During his time at COLSA Mr. Garcia has provided hands-on leadership in the areas of information systems, systems integration, real-time system software development and program management. Currently he is the Chief Technology Officer, Organizational Conflict of Interest Officer and COLSA’s International Trade in Arms Compliance Officer (i.e. State Department Empowered Official). In his last assignment, Mr. Garcia established the Cyber Division into COLSA’s corporate structure. Through this division he was able to capture projects that included: building cyber models and simulations for the Army; management and support of one of the Army’s Cyber Ranges; Information Assurance (IA) work for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), in addition to providing cyber leadership and career development. As the CTO, Mr. Garcia has been focused in developing unique technical discriminators for COLSA Corporation, working with both US and international customers.